Tuesday, April 12, 2016

James P: final reflection: I miss it already

This is my fist time in a country other than the US and I am so happy it was Nicaragua. To not only see but experience a culture riddled with socialism and progressive economic ideals was very comforting. Seeing the way that these people live without so much of what we have is inspiring and makes me want to give up my unnecessary aspects of daily life. My favorite aspects of the trip were on the mainland. Seeing the cities and the rural farm land and the people who worked it. I enjoyed the car rides, the quaint inn, the plank beds, the clinic construction, and even the churches. My less favorite parts were on Ometepe, not because it wasn't beautiful or it wasn't just as awe inspiring but mainly because of the greater focus on athletic activities. Though it was exhausting it was still an incredibly fun place. The people of Nicaragua were incredibly kind and caring towords us even though we were just a bunch of gringos. If presented the opportunity I would go back in a heart beat. 

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